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Go and grab nature with your brush!

Nothing better than to spend the morning painting outside in perfect spring weather!

Signed up for a Plein Air class (means paint on location) to get a little push. . .

I have done it many times before but it is always nicer to do it with fellow artists and/or friends :)

I know for some people it feels complicated especially the logistics, but if you keep it simple it's a very nice experience.

I prepare everything the night before. I'm not a morning person so I want to make sure I'm ready without having to think much before leaving the next day.

This is how I keep it simple: I take

  • Easel

  • Sketch book and charcoal (for preliminary sketches)

  • Canvas

  • I limit my color palette. Few primary colors are easier to carry and it forces me to make all the secondary and tertiary ones and so when I need to remix a certain color I know exactly what I used to make it in the first place. This way the painting ends up very cohesive and pleasant.

  • Couple of brushes, palette and walnut oil as medium since I work with oils.

  • Paper towel roll and wipes.

  • A little foldable seat or table

  • Trash bags

  • Camera (or phone) to take references as the light changes quickly.

I hope you get inspired and go out and grab nature with your brush!

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