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Deux Cheveux Rouge

This is today's work for my "daily painting challenge".

I've been doing one small painting a day after deciding to join a big group of artists that are committed to this idea. I don't always post it (and when I do it is generally in my Facebook Alex Bigatti Art), and sometimes it's just a charcoal drawing or study, but my commitment is to do something every day.

The Citroen 2CV (deux cheveux means two horse power) is one of my favorite cars ever! I grew up in Buenos Aires where this iconic car was very popular. I always thought it was the coolest car! And I love the design and the history.

My then boyfriend, now husband, used to drive a very beat up version of the one depicted in my painting, that he used to transport milk cans from his family ranch, through the dirt roads to a main road where a big dairy truck would collect the milk.

The reference picture was taken by my niece in Christianhavns, Copenhagen. Thank you Taya!

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