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Happy New Year!

I started 2018 by visiting the Michelangelo Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Wow. . . just wow. . . No words can tell enough about his genius and talent. Unique.

He mastered drawing, design, painting, architecture and above all his passion: sculpture.

This exhibit is special in the sense that the MET gathered many drawings that are spread out in different museums and private collections so I focused my visit on admiring them, especially his crosshatch and cross contouring techniques by which he made every drawing come to life. He even used this technique in sculpting!

I think the way he def

ined form by overlapping lines is the foundation of his vision and talent.

Inspired by it, I did a study based on one of his drawings. Although my version is not even close to his drawing, I learned so much and it made me appreciate even more his talent!! I highly recommend making this kind of studies often. It is an enlightening experience!

Don’t miss the exhibit! It closes February 12, 2018

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